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Thursday, 3 April 2014

3 Photographers, 3 Countries, 3 Weeks.

I like to find time for new projects.  Lately some of you will know I've been experimenting with time lapse photography and filming, which I'm really enjoying - you can see the latest experiment here.  A couple of years ago, I set myself a 365 challenge, which involved taking a photo everyday for a year.  Some days were definitely easier than others.  I know I'm often out and about taking pictures for other folk, but it became a challenge in itself taking one a day for myself.  I felt a massive sense of achievement when I finished!

I'd been thinking about ideas for another project, and I thought it would be good fun to do this with a couple of photographer friends.  I met Rachel & Emma 3 years ago on a fantastic A-Z of Photography & Business course run by Aspire.  Nestled in their Cumbrian retreat, these folk really know how to get you on track, and it came at exactly the right time for my re-brand.  So with the 3 of us meeting 3 years ago, and with us living in 3 different countries (Rachel is based in Edinburgh, and Emma in Chesi√®res, Switzerland), the project idea came about.  I've been using my iPhone more and more when I'm out walking, and I'd noticed that Rachel & Emma were doing the same.  Instead of just randomly taking photos of anything, which could have been interesting too, I thought it might be a good idea to have words for each day, and then see how we interpreted them.  We did it for 3 weeks, each taking the lead on a week, and choosing the words of the day.  I'll do a couple more blog posts for week 2 & 3, but here are the photos from our first week.  The words were:  Light, Wild, Tree, Sky, Lines, Eat & Cosy.

I've also posted these photos on my Facebook Page with different layouts to see how the images could look together on the pages of a book.  Maybe this is another project!

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