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Monday, 24 March 2014

Kate Bush - Before The Dawn

You've probably all heard by now, as the news seems to be everywhere, from national headlines to social media feeds.  I was having a bit of a lie in, thinking about breakfast before a Friday morning walk, when I looked at my Facebook feed.  There it was on the official Kate Bush Facebook page - playing live in August & September!  The first time playing live in 35 years.  I do apologise to any non Kate converts, but this is BIG news, and it found me leaping out of bed to grab my wallet to try and secure a ticket!  If I'd read the post in full I'd have seen that these are not on sale until Friday.

From the first time I saw her on Top Of The Pops performing Wuthering Heights, I was sold.  Smash Hits posters of Kate were blu-tacked between Blondie, Depeche Mode, and a few Athena numbers in my room. She's always been around.  Although favourite albums sometimes jostle for places in my top ten list, Hounds Of Love is always right up there.  There were lots of things going on in my life when this album was released, and it became a significant soundtrack to those times.  Listening to certain tracks from it can take me right back there.  I was the first one in my class to buy it, and everyone was handing me blank tapes to record it!

I have a dream list of people I'd like to photograph, and Kate is right at the top of it.  I can't see that this will ever happen, and I think I might be too excited, scared, flummoxed that I'd have stage shutter fright anyway. But maybe I might just get to see her play live..


  1. Replies
    1. I did! Let's just say it was quite a tense morning.

    2. Lucky You!
      Got mine in the pre-sale on Wednesday but it was touch and go! Can't wait.