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Thursday, 27 December 2012

In The Simple Things!

It has been quite hard keeping quiet about this.  But now, as the magazine in question is out in the shops, I can natter away!

I love a beautiful magazine.  The way they feel, and for for some, (and I know this sounds strange), the way they smell.  I love the sound of the pages as you're flicking through them.   I admit that, for some, I just pour over the gorgeous pictures.  When I picked up the first issue of The Simple Things though, I needed to sit down properly to take it all in with a cup of tea.  I completely immersed myself in it!  It's a celebratory magazine, enjoying life's little pleasures, concentrating on the simple things that fulfil our lives.

So, to the story of the shoot. I had a very excited call from Hannah saying that the magazine would love to do a feature on her, creating something illuminating, and she wanted me to take the photos for it!  She came up with the idea of candle covers that people could deisgn and make themselves.  We sat down for a chat about the shoot, and decided on the pictures that would best document the making process.

Hannah decided on a gorgeous snowdrop design and the cutting began.

Then it was onto the next section of the crafting.  The stitching of the candle cover.

 The finished product:

 Here is a peep at the section in the magazine...

For me, this is a great end to a busy and exciting year.  I hope you all enjoy designing and making your candle covers!  I'm off to finish reading my copy of the magazine and looking forward to finding out what's in store in the next issues - thanks to my sister for my Simple Things subscription for Christmas!