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Friday, 29 June 2012

Highs & Lows

I realise I've been a bit quiet on here for the last week or so, apologies for not updating more regularly!  I do have lots to share with you - it's been a busy time.  Last Thursday I had a Sarah Mason Photography launch party for my family and friends to say thanks for their support over the past few years.  I wish I'd taken a few pictures to put up on here (daft hey?).  I think the prospect of doing a speech put any photographing on the back burner!  

I think this is what is known as a nervous smile...

After I'd said a few words, I introduced a short compilation video of some of the shots I've taken over the past couple of years.  My web people are scurrying around behind the scenes to put my launch video on my website and then I will share it with you all and tell you about the music I commissioned to go with it.  It was such an enjoyable evening and I was a little overwhelmed by lots of lovely comments.  Sarah Mason Photography felt well and truly launched.

What a difference a day makes.   On Friday, the rain came.  I know many of you will have heard that Hebden Bridge suffered.  I tried to write a few words about it, but this heartfelt blog post by Radiance owner Hannah Nunn is a first hand account of the night and the aftermath, and just sums it up.  How frightening it was, how quickly everything happened and the resilience of the amazing Hebden businesses and folk.  It has been a week of very mixed emotions for many.  Now, the pieces are being put back together. The town has a big weekend ahead...

First is the rescheduled Handmade Parade.  This year's theme is The Enchanted Wood.  I know a few people who are parading so I'll be watching out for their costumes, camera in hand!  It starts at 11am.

Then at 12pm, this year's Arts Festival starts!  I'm so happy to be involved again (this year with Blu Planet Photography), documenting the festival through my photographs.  It's my third year and I can't wait to get going!  Some of the team were out this morning putting the bunting up!

I just wish I had magic shoes to take me from venue to venue.  There is just so much to see and it's going to be big, bold and beautiful.  Lees Yard will be the backdrop for imove on the street tomorrow afternoon (Saturday 30th June).

image of Ponydance by Brian Farrell

I LOVE to photograph dance and I was completely gobsmacked by this last year.

Between 12-4pm Ponydance, Jordan Massarella, Lindy Nsingo, Rationale & So&So will be performing and they will all knock your socks off!

Make a day of it, a weekend, or even the week of it!  Instead of me listing all the Festival news here - head over to the fab new website for loads more information and regular updates through the week.  I'll be posting photos on the Festival Facebook page after each event I get to.

Right, it's time to track down those magic shoes..

Monday, 11 June 2012

Training With James

A few weeks ago, I spent a very enjoyable morning with James.  His partner Jaclyn had booked a training session with me for a Christmas present.  I'm really enjoying running these sessions and my one to one with James was no exception!

After the obligitory cup of tea and a chat to start us off, we headed into Hardcastle Crags to try our hand at a few key elements.

We talked about using selective focus and depth of field.

 Photo by James

 And experimented with different perspectives and taking images from different levels.

 Photo by James

 These types of shot are the reason I always seem to have wet knees and worn out jeans!


 Shooting along things to give depth.

And experimenting with slow shutter speeds to create motion in our pictures.

Photo by James

About 30 minutes into our session, there was an amazing moment when everything clicked into place for James and I'm still smiling about it!  After the session, Jacyln sent a wonderful message to say it was the most successful Christmas present she has bought which was lovely to hear.  For me, it was so rewarding, and the perfect start to a weekend!