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Monday, 28 April 2014

Easter Egg Hunt In The Woods

We had a lovely afternoon with friends over Easter.  Otis loves trees and one of his favourite places to be is in the woods.  Add chocolate into the mix, and we had a winning combination!  The 'egg hiding' team went ahead first.  When we walked into the woods, we could see some of the easier placed eggs glinting in the sunlight.  Otis was in his element, although he didn't quite know where to start first.  Then he got into his stride with help from his brother and sister, Jack & Mia, and started to carefully place the shiny eggs in his pocket for later.  The hiding team had also hidden a couple for larger stretching arms, so we had a few treats along the way too.  The braver amongst our little group had a go on the rope swing.  With all the eggs found, and a few eaten along the way, we left the woods bathed in the afternoon sunshine.  A happy day!

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