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Thursday, 29 May 2014

Amy & Mikey

It was right at the end of the shoot when I was taking photos of Mikey's wristband, and noticed the beautiful engraving in the silver pendant.  It has the coordinates of where he met Amy, on the slopes snowboarding, and the coordinates of where they're getting married next month, the gorgeous Gibson Mill. They are the sweetest couple.  We went for a little wander around Heptonstall & Hell Hole Rocks, it was such a still, calm evening after a day of rain in the valley.  After choosing Gibson Mill as their wedding venue, they fell in love with Hebden, and are moving here this weekend.  Looking forward to seeing them on the cobbles, and to the wedding next month!

Friday, 23 May 2014

Julia Ogden Painting Workshop

A month or so ago, I came out of my comfort zone and decided to enrol myself on a painting workshop. Although I really enjoyed art at school, I don't think my teacher 'got' my work and I didn't do particularity well in exams.  I have memories of some pretty dubious screen prints, and drawing Sebastian Coe winning gold at the Olympics in 1984, and being asked who it was - the cheek!  I was waiting for another visual outlet to come along.  After many years of not drawing, apart form a few random sketches, i think I had convinced myself into believing I was pretty bad.  I was a little bit nervous on the morning of the class as I knew everyone else had been to one of Julia's classes before.  And it was testament to her that folk travelled for quite a distance.  Julia's teaching style is very inspiring.  She gave us suggestions about techniques in how to use the charcoal and paints, and fantastic tips on how to develop our styles.  Julia held the workshop in our studios, when the trees outside were laden with blossom, so we had an amazing vista!  Our mission was to draw a tree, charcoals first, and then to build up to painting colourful birds perched in the branches.  I was quietly pleased with the results and writing this blog post is making me want to do it all over again.  I can't make Julia's next workshop sadly, but if you're free next Thursday, I'd highly recommend her print-making day! Here's a bit more info about it.

These little beauties were created by somebody else on the workshop, I love those colours!