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Friday, 22 March 2013

Things In The Everyday

I walk round with a head full of photo ideas for my portraits, weddings and engagement sessions, always getting excited about new shots to try out.  Sometimes I'll write them down in a little notepad I carry around, or if I'm feeling brave enough, I'll try and sketch them.  I also like to think about personal projects I can get stuck into.  In 2011, I challenged myself to a 365 project.  I posted them up on my personal Facebook page and it had a lot of positive reaction.  I still get friends asking me if I'm going to do it again - I might do, in some form or another.  

One thing I realised when I was doing this project, is how I like to take pictures of an element within a scene, rather than a big view or landscape.  That's not to say I don't like that sort of thing - I've just bought a book about Ansel Adams' landscape work and it's stunning.  I guess my eyes just see beauty in the smaller stuff.  Over the next few months I'm going to take a series of photos of everyday things, hopefully showing off their beauty!

I've been sorting out a lot of photos the last couple of weeks, and realised I had quite a few pictures of clothes pegs.  It might sound barmy, but I like these little fellas! 

How they all bunch up and let the light shine through...

or gang up on a couple further down the line...

or have a little rave

or just patiently wait until the clouds clear

 always hopeful!!

My name's Sarah & I like pegs!  There, I've said it......


  1. These are lovely. The captions are also spot on. I like the pegs having a rave, that made me laugh out loud!

    1. Thanks Katie - I love those dancing ones too! x