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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Arts Festival Exhibition

Next Thursday, December 6th, the Arts Festival team are having pre-Christmas drinks to celebrate their new move to Hebden Bridge Town Hall, and to introduce the newly appointed board members.  In conjunction with this, they are launching an exhibition celebrating twenty years of the festival in pictures.

For the past 3 years, I have been taking photographs of the Arts Festival events.  The street theatre, the comedy and music acts, and the behind the scenes photos that people don't necessarily get to see.  I've really enjoyed documenting the festival in a series of pictures.

There have been some great festival moments.  Kissmet were a highlight for me in 2010.

I was just a little bit nervous meeting Martin Parr and taking his photo whilst he was watching his amazing photos of Hebden Bridge on the Picture House screen.  A little less daunting was another Picture House encounter.  This time with comedian Chris Ramsay.  A very lovely chap.

Another nice moment was when my cousin Liz met Val McDermid.  I've never asked her what they chatted about, but I'm sure there was a meeting of minds.

And the street theatre.  I think Granny Turismo brought a smile to many a face this year as they roared over the brow of the hill on their pimped up trolleys towards the square!

I don't want to give TOO much away!  It would be great to see you all down there, either on the launch night (starting at 7.30 on December 6th), or throughout December.  The exhibition will be up until Christmas!

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