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Thursday, 15 November 2012

New Space!

I really like my little attic office space.  It's quiet and cosy and has served me well over the last year and a bit.  But every couple of months, I've been craving a different space.  A space where I can have meetings with my families and couples who are booking me.  A viewing space where I can show people their photos after their portrait shoot or wedding.  And a display space where I can have all my work on the walls.

Well, at last, it's going to happen!  January 2013 will be the start of something very new, my new office in a great space.

This is a view of the building - the one with all the windows!  My office will look straight out onto those copper beech tress.  And it's a mere hop skip and a jump from my house.

The seed was planted when Hannah started looking for a bigger studio to design and create her lamps.  She was very excited to have found an amazing space and mentioned the other 2 offices.  My head started buzzing with ideas of how this could be the perfect spot and it came in a week when I was REALLY craving a different working environment.

So, I popped in for a peep.  I was bowled over by how light the space is and how quiet it is.  This room will be Hannah's new studio.  The carpet is going!

This is one of the other office spaces.  I'm just trying to design the room and what to put where!  The carpet is making an exit and I'm thinking about wallpaper on one of the walls.  The other two will be hanging space for my work.

No more disturbances from an attention seeking cat during a big edit (as lovely as he is!). It's just right.

Hannah's partner Robert will be moving into the other office.  It will be a creative hub.  A space for new ideas.  Designing, viewing, making, meeting, all under one roof, and we can't wait!

We get the keys at the end of this month and then December decorating will commenceNew year, new beginnings!

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