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Saturday, 10 August 2013

Mini Landscapes On The Beach

After a busy couple of months, and before some lovely August weddings, I managed to squeeze in a few days away this week.  The Northumberland coast is probably one of my favourite spots in the UK, it's stunning.  As a family, we spent the first 10 years of my life making the annual pilgrimage to Seahouses in the summer holidays.  The little town is nestled at the edge of one of the most stunning stretches of sand and dunes, Bamburgh beach, with the castle book-ending it in the distance. 

It was time to explore Warkworth.   A gorgeous little town, situated in a loop of the river Coquet, with a medieval castle perched on a hill looking over the town.  It's just a short walk to the beach.  When we went down, the tide was on its way out.  The receding water kept uncovering new treasures.  What I loved the most were the mini landscapes the wind and the sea water had created.  Some of these landscapes almost looked like those times you peep out of a plane window onto the land below, the colours, ravines and mountains.  There were mini whirlpools, eddies and strange spiraling streams.

Glistening jellyfish peppered the tide-line, their translucent beauty reminded me of the glass ornaments my Grandma used to collect.

There's something other worldly about a beach when the tide is out and its ever changing mini landscapes.


  1. Beautiful photos, can almost feel the sand and sea. Hope you had a lovely time.

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  3. Thanks Katie, it was a lovely little break!