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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Memories Of Summers Past

My family are coming over to Hebden Bridge today.  It's still August and yet I have the light on in my office, the rain is pelting on the attic window and the thunder has just started!

We haven't had much of a summer it has to be said.  With the folks coming over, it has reminded me of summers we enjoyed in the past in Grassington & the Dales.  I don't know if my memories are playing tricks, but it always seemed to be sunny in the school summer holidays.  Sandals, shorts & t-shirts and the smell of suntan lotion in the air!

We went over to Grassington a few weeks ago and went on one of my favourite short walks down to the river and then back up into the village.  It jolted many happy memories.  We set off from Mum & Dad's house along the lane and down by the side of the cricket pitch.  I spent a lot of time down here either playing or lazing around in the grass, watching the sky, with the very pleasing sound of the cricket bat hitting the ball and little ripples of applause.

The path is a little more overgrown now than I remember.

I used to just come down here sometimes and sit on these rocks, throw stones into the water and think about stuff.  I love this bit of The Wharfe - it's called Ghaistrills.  The water churns and bubbles and has carved out many rock pools and eddies. 

There is a grizzly tale behind one of the deepest rock pools here.  Locals call it the Doctor's Bath.  Back in the 1700s, the local blacksmith, Tom Lee, murdered the village doctor in a drunken brawl.  Allegedly, this is where he dumped the doctor's body.  We always used to dare each other to swim in the pool.  The water always seemed to be a little cooler in this one than all the rest!

We used to bring an inner tube down here, sit in it and let the current take us downstream.  SO, much fun!  Now, I'd rather sit and watch the water and take photos of all the lovely rocks and the plants that have made their home in the limestone. 

It's such a pretty walk.  If you're ever over in Grassington, give it a go! 

With a little bit of sun left in the sky, we sat out in Mum & Dad's garden and had a little glass of fizz..

and a slice of this rather nice pudding...

As we were relaxing, it made me smile to think back to those lovely days with friends, discovering and exploring, thinking we were in Swallows & Amazons.  

Come on summer of 2012 - give it a last push!

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