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Friday, 24 August 2012

Here For The Beer & Pub Pets

I've had some fantastic commercial shoots over the past couple of months.  A few weeks ago, Rebecca from The South Pennines Local Distinctiveness Project, commissioned me to take photos for the new website Here For The Beer.  When it's launched, it will celebrate the micro-breweries in the area and the pubs that sell the beer.

It felt like a road trip, discovering new places and landscapes that really aren't that far away from where I live.  One of my wedding couples had kindly given me a bumper bag of Yorkshire mixture, and this became our sweet of choice for the trip.

On the first day, we called in to see Angela Smyth's amazing South Pennines map.  All the details are so lovely.

We popped over to the Greenfield Real Ale Brewery in Saddleworth.  I wish I'd taken a picture of the landscape around us, it seeemed like a different land - strange trees and stone escarpments.  Very beautiful, but different to round here.

Then to Uppermill and the great location of The Church Inn.

On our travels, we noticed that quite a few of the pubs had their own resident pets.  The Church Inn had a couple, including a very proud peacock with a penchant for salt & vinegar crisps!

On day 2, we tootled to Cat_I-Th-Well in Wainstalls .  They didn't let us down with their pet.  Here we met a cat called Dog!

 We dropped in at The Pack Horse Inn - Widdop.  They have a very fine collection of whiskies behind the bar...

It was great to visit Bridestones Brewing.

 And then go to the local pub, the New Delight, to see it being served.

On the next day, we drove over to Slaithwaite (I can now say this properly!) and dropped into the Empire Brewing Company.  Here, Bonzo looks after the ale!

Next, to Marsden to visit the Riverhead Brewery Tap & Dining Room, home to the Ossett Brewery Co. Ltd.

It's the first time I'd stepped inside The Jubilee Refreshment Rooms at Sowerby Bridge train station.  What a treat!

We had an amazing drive up to the Fleece Inn - Holmfirth.  It was really busy with lunchtime diners.

Our road trip was nearly coming to an end.  We visited Mallinsons Brewery in Huddersfield.

And managed to soak up some of the sun at the Holmfirth Vineyard.

I loved being part of this project.  Being out and about, seeing new places, hearing people's stories and anecdotes and learning a lot more about the processes involved.

And meeting all those pub pets!

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  1. How fab. I like the peacock and it's good to see the cat called Dog again!