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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Room To Grow

I was SO chuffed when I was approached to take photographs for this commercial shoot.  Guy from Tall Ltd had been commissioned by Room To Grow (a children's bed company), to give their current brand a bit of a refresh.  Guy had seen my pictures from a teddy bears' picnic portrait shoot, and he thought my style really matched his vision for the new website.  

So, we met up for a cuppa and a chat and talked over some ideas.  The idea for the photography centred around children's dreams and we wanted to take the beds out of a studio and place them in a more magical setting.  Step up Skipton Woods!  When we went for a recce, it brought back memories of school lunch breaks wandering around these very woods, eating Seabrook crisps and talking about our plans for the summer holidays.

We knew it was the perfect backdrop.  So, just a week later, there we were, walking through the trees with the beds, props and camera equipment, looking out for the magic light.  And oh my, did we find it!

I took a few test shots before our fantastic models arrived for their moment in the spotlight.  Here's a nice one of Guy doing his tree hugging bit!

And then our brilliant models arrived and kept us on our toes for the next few hours!

And then it was time to change the feeling a little bit, to enter into the dream ideas we had for the shoot.  Cue the inquisitive fairy!

Then, a little rest and a bite to eat.  There were sandwiches a plenty and we all sat around on the forest floor discussing how it was all going before setting up the next shot....

Cutlasses at the ready for a pirate in the making!

After a quick review, I knew we had the shots we wanted.  So after a great day, we all tootled home, me wishing I was much younger so I could have one of those beds with the steps!

It was a wonderful shoot in a place I love and I'm really looking forward to seeing the re-vamped website.

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  1. love love lovely Sarah Mason. What a beautiful shoot x