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Friday, 3 August 2012

A familiar walk and lens testing

I've been thinking about getting a new lens for some time.  Seriously thinking, not just the 'Ooo, that would be lovely' bits of kit I have on my wish list!  I am increasingly enjoying shooting with prime lenses.  Instead of relying on zoom, I have to shift myself to get the composition and framing.   Before I commit to buying it, my camera supplier let me rent out equipment to give it a test run.  So me, my camera and a potential new lens went on a little trip out this morning.

Before I even left the house, I noticed a few shadow patterns the sun was casting.

This set the scene for a little amble up to Nutclough Woods - a walk I love and it's very close to my house.  It has changed dramatically since the floods.  The water ripped out massive chunks of the path and changed the course of the waterflow.  But it is recovering and all was still in there this morning.

The sunlight was creeping through the trees casting little beams, like a stage spotlight picking out different parts of the woods and the foliage.

I loved the way the light was highlighting the different textures in the bark and the tree rings.

I don't know what this little chap is - like a sticky bud, but it was very proud, craning its stem to be photographed..

After a lovely little wander in the morning light, I don't think I needed much convincing that this lens should definitely have its own compartment in my camera bag!


  1. buy it. Just buy it. Awesome. Incredible. stomach flipping. yes!

  2. the second to last ferny one is soooooooo beautiful