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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Mr & Mrs Boon

I met Nicky & Ben last spring to talk about their wedding details.  Over the past year, we've really got to know each other through a very lovely sunny pre-wedding shoot, visits to Nicky's family home, chats, and lots of cups of tea!

I find pre-wedding shoots invaluable - we get to know each other, I get to hear their stories about how they met, what they've been through, and their plans for the day.

At this point, I'm going to hand over to Nicky and Ben to tell their story, as their words really touched me when I asked them to send a few lines over for this post.  Here's Nicky:

'Ben got down on one "ski" as he likes to say, on top of a Swiss mountain on New Year's Eve Day December 2010, near to the spot where he feared he might have lost me due to a serious mountain biking accident 3 months earlier. We are really keen skiers and love being in the mountains and after a traumatic year with my accident and loosing my granny, he wanted us to start 2011 fresh and positive for us, and our families. 

Having done all the planning and preparations it was lovely to wake up in my own childhood bedroom on the wedding morning and then jump on mum and dad, with my brother too. We all had a cup of tea reflecting on what the day would bring, it is a memory I will never forget. It set the tone perfectly and I had a feeling of calm and serenity throughout the day that I have never felt before.' 

It's the first time I've worked with the makeup artist Jo Bilham.  A very lovely and talented lady!

'We were really keen to keep the wedding day all about our family and friends and what makes us happy the most.  It was also really important to us, to keep all the suppliers as local as possible'

 Fiona from Firenza Floral Designs provided the beautiful flowers and displays...

And a few words from Ben.... 'Waking up on the morning very early I felt excited and the nerves weren't really showing. I took myself off for a walk at 6.15am around the tops in the sunshine which was a lovely way to start the day. I sat chatting to my best man, reminiscing of times gone by, there was no doubt at all that I was making the right decision to marry Nicky. Arriving down at the church seeing all my friends and family, I was buzzing, ready for it all to unfold'.

Choosing the church was the easy part for Nicky & Ben, its was always St. Barts in Ripponden, where Nicky was christened and next the Old Bridge Inn, their favourite local. 

'It was the strangest feeling when Dad and I were just about to walk into Church, I felt so peaceful and happy knowing that I was about to marry Ben.' 

'Nerves, but mainly emotions didn't come into play until I stood at the altar waiting for Nicky to arrive, the music and sight of the full church was quite overwhelming but a few deep breaths and words from my best man, and I was ready. Once my beautiful bride was by my side everything was perfect and I couldn't take my eyes off her.  I had a beaming smile all day, I've never felt so lucky and happy in all my life.' 


Nicky.... 'Another wonderful memory was after welcoming everyone out of the church and turning round and seeing all our friends and family lining the church grounds, all armed with confetti.  There seemed to be so many people, and they all looked so happy.   Throughout the day I had to keep pinching myself that this was our day and it was actually happening'.

A rare photo of me in action capturing the confetti moment!

And then it was back up to Nicky's parents' house for the reception in the garden.  As Nicky told me, it was just the perfect place.  The marquee looked beautiful and the table decorations were simple and elegant.

Then it was time for a few shots just with Nicky & Ben.  I chose the country lane at the back of Nicky's parents' house.  This is the lane we ambled down on the pre-wedding shoot.  It wasn't too far away from the action, but it made the perfect backdrop for a few shots.  Look at those buttercups!

I took a few images of Nicky by herself in her beautiful dress.  She decided to have a little twirl, it was a lovely moment, especially her reaction after!

We wandered back up to Nicky's parents' house for the group shots with a little surprise beforehand.  There is a tree in the garden that is very significant to the family.  When Nicky was growing up, she had her photograph taken in front of it on an annual basis when the tree was in blossom.  A story of Nicky and the tree growing over the years.  Nicky designed the wedding invites around the tree.  A couple of weeks before the wedding, two doves settled in the tree and Ben told Nicky it was if grandparents were watching over them.  Nicky's Mum, Ann, had booked two white doves to be released at the wedding.  It was a very emotional moment.

Fiona from Firenza had done an amazing job adorning the tree with her floral loveliness also.

There was just time for a few shots in the frame gallery before sitting down for the wedding breakfast.

After a very lovely meal came the speeches.  There were tears of laughter and emotion all round, me included.

 Then, there was just time for a swift sip of their drinks before the dancing started.

Here's to a very special couple who have I've had the pleasure of getting to know over the past year and a bit.  They've made me laugh and smile with funny chats, emails and tales.   

As Ben says...  'The day went so smoothly and we both had the most amazing day of our lives and hopefully everyone else did too!'

 It was a truly amazing day and I'm so pleased and honoured to have been a part of it. x

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