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Saturday, 3 May 2014

Woodland Stories

Even though we live in the same town, I still don't see enough of my cousins and their families.  So it was a good excuse to catch up with a gaggle of them last week when my cousin Liz was hosting a Woodland Stories workshop down in Hardcastle Crags.  Liz is a writer, and has written teenage fiction, and books for younger children.  The latter are published by Barefoot Books, and retell traditional tales.  I may be slightly bias, but the books really are beautiful, and the colourful illustrations by Valeria Docampo are gorgeous.

The setting for the workshop was perfect.  In a clearing in the Crags are a cluster of wooden benches set out in a circle.  Liz, perched on a log in the middle, started to read.  I just stepped back amongst the trees for a moment to get some long shots.  The wind was catching the top of the trees and a woodpecker was showing off somewhere further into the Crags, a squirrel was darting about frantically, and I just felt immensely proud as I was looking onto the little scene, all the children joining in with the story.  Then the children had a race around, looking for sections of short stories hidden by the reading elves around and about.  Once they knew which sections went in which place, everyone read out the tales, which were about Hardcastle Crags.  Using all this inspiration, everyone then made up their own stories.  It was a lovely way to spend an hour.

Liz and her brother Matthew are a very big reason for us settling in Hebden Bridge.  It's lovely to know they are just a walk away, and it's great to see their families growing up where they did.  With this blog, I promise to make more of an effort to see you both more!

You can see more of Liz's work here, and also find out about her coaching sessions.

Sarah x

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  1. Hi Sarah, we loved Liz's Woodland Stories and these pics really capture those special moments. A great day for both parents and kids! Thanks to both you and Liz. Vicky