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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Inspiration, Nature & Wedding Lamps!

I'm going to be posting a blog about my re-brand, new website and the lovely people that have helped make it happen in the next few days!  But first, I wanted to write about my big light bulb moment, when everything clicked, when I saw everything clearly and the direction I should be heading!  Plus, a few more treats......

The biggest factor in my re-brand has been the growing realisation that nature and the seasons have always been, and continue to be a constant source of inspiration for me.  I wrote a little bit about my formative years growing up in the Yorkshire Dales on a blog post late last year.  We always seemed to be walking amongst the trees, heads craning skywards, eyes squinting to look at a bird's nest or an acrobatic squirrel!  Many of my contemporaries chose dolls or teddy bears to carry around with them.  For me, there are very few photos without me holding some twig or other closely by my side!  Still now, when we go for a family walk, Dad will 'test' me and my sister Katy on our tree knowledge, unleashing an unhealthy competitive streak in me!  (At the moment, I'm ahead....)

I'm using trees more and more as my backdrop to shoots.  We're a bit spoilt for choice round here!   Me and my friend Hannah often go out for early morning walks amongst the trees, catching the golden light and taking photos to inspire future work.  

After meeting properly at the beginning of the year, when I took profile images for Hannah's book Illuminate (out in November), we chatted about our shared passion for nature, and in particular everything woodland!  Hannah designs & makes beautiful paper cut lighting.  I love what she does and I've been a big fan of her work for ages.  AND, she gets to be shopkeeper too in her wonderful lighting emporium Radiance!

So, the thermos was dusted down, and on went the hiking boots! It's so refreshing to walk with someone who, like me, will also randomly stop to take pictures of something that has caught their eye!

I've discovered lots of new locations for future shoots -

 Seen shape and form in nature

 (image by Hannah Nunn)

And seen the light!

Walks, thermos tea and chats have led to future collaborations in the making.  Hannah makes exquisite personalised lamps for weddings, partnerships, birthdays, anniversaries - you name it!

We are currently planning a wedding shoot to showcase the beauty of these bespoke lamps, probably out there amongst the trees somewhere!  I love the idea of taking the indoors outdoors where the inspiration initially sparked.

That will have to be in a couple of weeks as Hannah's jetting off for an adventure in Japan.  A wonderful, inspiring trip, full of cherry blossom, bamboo and new ideas.  I'm sure she will have some tales on her blog soon!

I'll always be searching for new backdrops and looking out for that magical light we have in this beautiful valley.  When everything collides to give us something a bit special out of those things we see everyday....

My new website is now up and running if you wanted to take a peek!  More words on my re-brand & new look site on here in the next few days.


  1. what a beautiful post(not just cos I'm in it haha)!

    Sums it up really. A walk in the woods can do all sorts of wonders on so many levels.

    I love that first picture. So atmospheric.

    Thanks for sharing my lamps! Looking forward to that shoot! xxx

  2. The healing power of trees!

    The shoot will be fantastic, really looking forward to it too! Mind racing with shot ideas! xx

  3. May 2012 at 22:42

    oh my word . . . I just LURRRRRRRVE those lamps!!!! shall I just call in the shop Hannah?

    1. Hi Jo! Good to see you on here! You should definitely pop in! Hannah's back on the 2nd June.

  4. love that first shot too Sarah - hope we can walk in the woods on my doorstep together soon ... when I can afford to buy a camera of course!! x

    1. Thanks Alison - the magical light of them there Crags! And you seem to be doing pretty well with your trusty iPhone!