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Monday, 28 October 2013

Hattie's Brave Shoot

When part of my research for a shoot is to sit down and watch a film in the afternoon, especially when that film is the wonderful Brave, I love my job just that little bit more!  I have to say when I saw it at the cinema the first time around, a few tears were shed, and judging by the sniffs from some of the adults around me, I wasn't the only one!  It's a beautiful film - great characters, adventures, and of course, the story.  I love a good soundtrack, and it was great to hear Julie Fowlis singing on the title song too.

Anyway, back to the shoot.  I went round to see Hattie, and we sat down to talk about what she would like to do in her Dream For Life Shoot.  I knew just the spot in Hardcastle Crags.  The trees down there were the perfect backdrop.   So off we went for a run around the forest, chasing willo the wisps, climbing trees, and Hattie showcased her archery skills.  She makes a fantastic Princess Merida I'm sure you'll agree!

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