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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Family Portrait Shoot In The Sun

With autumn well and truly set in, and the weather being a bit murky of late, I thought I'd share a bit of sunshine.

It was one of those beautiful sunny days at the end of summer when I met Ella-Rose, Theo, and their parents Emily & Sam.  We had a little walk into Hardcastle Crags with fishing nets and a picnic in hand.  We set up camp within the pine trees by the weir, which was twinkling in the sunshine.  There was fishing, searching for fairies, and mini frog finding to be done.

The shoot ended with cupcake eating aplenty, something I think should be built into all shoots.  The cupcakes were made by Emily, who runs the marvellous Fancy Fondant (check out her creations, they are rather splendid!).  With full bellies, the sun on our backs, and a few extra freckles, we left our little haven.  Here are a few shots from the afternoon.

P.S. No frogs were harmed in the making of this shoot!

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