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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Ali & Nick - a Beautiful Battersea Wedding

I thought I'd share a bit of sunshine on my blog today and show a selection of photos from Ali & Nick's beautiful wedding down in London.  I'd met them for the first time a couple of months before when I went down to the smoke for their pre-wedding shoot.  They're such a lovely couple, great company, lots of laughs.  I knew their wedding was going to be a lot of fun, they wanted it to be very relaxed on the day.

We started off in the pub, The Woodman in Battersea, to take a few photos of Nick, and friends and family arriving.  Then hotfooted it through Battersea Square to St Mary's church.  Alison walked from their house along the riverside.  After the beautiful ceremony, drinks were served in the sun in the grounds of St Mary's.  It was lovely to have The Thames all sparkly and shimmery in the background, the odd boat cruising by.  Then back to The Woodman for a spectacular buffet!  The guys at the pub were amazing.  Then in the blink of an eye, we were into Nick's speech and the dancing.  The day seemed to pass so quickly and as we packed the gear up and walked down the street, it was so lovely to hear the laughter and music drifting amongst all those other hustle bustle sounds of London.  Congratulations Ali & Nick!

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