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Sunday, 22 July 2012

A little slice of RHS Tatton

I am certainly no gardener, and I find it a bit of a stretch looking after the simplest of houseplants.  But, having been to RHS Tatton today, I have a new vigour for all things of a flowery nature!  And onions too, but more of them later.  

It was my first visit to a flower show and I wasn't quite sure what to expect.  Some of the folks were certainly dapper.

There was so much colour.
 And lots of delicate things.

There were some more scary triffid like varieties...

Good patterns.....

And even some I recognised! 

There were a few familiar faces.

Popped in to see Hannah in The Country Living Marquee.  There were lots of people buzzing around the stand!

And bumped into Maxine Hunt from Hebden Bridge WI on her Big Black House Design stand.

Some of the designer gardens were spectacular.

With lovely details.

I thought this looked like it should belong to the Charlie & The Chocolate Factory film set!

Then we hit the fruit and vegetable marquee and seemingly entered a different world.  I loved the gooseberry display...

The Bugs Bunny carrots.

Great textures, shapes and varieties.

But it was the onions that got my vote.  I loved how neat, prim and proper they all looked...

We had a little bit of time to get excited over the alliums!

It had been a very tiring day for some and there were signs it was time to leave...

And so it was goodbye onions, farewell Tatton, until next year...


  1. LOVE it. Made me laugh out loud at some bits and gasp at others.

    ....going to have another look at your pictures now xxx

  2. What a beautiful post! Fascinating to see the produce arranged so lovingly. I arrived here via Hannah's blog.

    1. Thanks for popping by Ann! It was a very inspiring day out indeed.

  3. beautiful pictures - really wish I had gone!
    Rachel x