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Saturday, 14 June 2014

A Phone Photo of Dad

A couple of weeks ago I posted this photo of my Dad on my Facebook page, it had a lot of likes and comments.  I love it too.  We were sat in Mum & Dad's lounge looking at the dark brooding sky outside, and I noticed the light on my Dad's face.  I could have left the room to get my camera from the car, but I didn't want to lose this moment, so I quickly reached for my phone and took it.  I often say to folk that it's not all about the fancy gear, it's about that second in time, when the light and moment collide to create that spark. If I had grabbed my camera from the car, the moment would have passed.  Don't get me wrong, I love my cameras, lenses and gadgets, and there are limitations with phone photography, but in this moment, for that second in time, my phone was right.  I guess it's made me quite reflective over the last couple of weeks, and I've been writing this blog post in my head for the last few days.

This isn't a maudlin or sad post.  My Dad's my step-dad, my real Dad died when I was 2.   I don't remember him, my Dad now is the man I have known since I was that loud, shouty, cheeky young thing.  It's something I do think about, and when I was younger I used to imagine how things would be living  in a different life.  Me and Dad haven't always seen eye to eye, both being quite stubborn.  But now I can see what an influence he has had on my life.  He works in the woods, he's a tree man, and my love of nature has definitely come from him.  He's really helped me to be the person I am, and he's really inspired me in my business too. He's been self employed since he was in his early 20's - he runs his business with his heart, from his love of trees.  He's authentic and passionate, what you see is what you get.  He's cheeky and has a naughty streak, although his jokes seem to be getting worse.  We don't go for walks altogether as often as we should, but when we do, he still tests me and my sister on all the trees and birds we see.  Just thinking about it makes me nostalgic for those warm summer nights walking in the trees, and by the river watching the trout jumping.

Looking at the photo now, I can see Dad's had a good life.  There's a feeling of contentment, he's led his life how he has wanted.  I can see that cheeky man, the tree man, the sensitive and gentle man.  I'm so pleased I had my phone in my pocket for that moment when all those factors came together.

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