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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Wallpaper Wednesday - Part 2

After my shoot with Claire Murray, and having my faith in wallpaper restored, it wasn't long until I was photographing the next little rolls of delight!  Sharing a studio space with Hannah, I had followed all the different stages she has been through.  From the initial designs, the visits to the wallpaper factory, to the decisions on which designs to have printed.  And then to all of the boxes arriving in the studio!

As you probably know, we've done a few shoots this year, starting with The Simple Things, new shots for Hannah's website, and more recently a feature about designer lighting for Pretty Nostalgic.  For each shoot, we always seem to go through the same processes.  A walk in the morning for inspiration, and a chat about the day ahead.  And then there will always be the 'eeuufff' moments, usually when we're setting up and something isn't quite working.  And then something will click, and we're off.  And tea, lots of tea!

We started off in my lounge where the Paper Meadow in teal has just been introduced!

It looks great in the alcoves either side of the fireplace.  And then we popped over to Beckah's house, where the Beech Leaves in pebble had settled into their new home.

Back to the studio to the little lounge set we've used on previous shoots.  The Paper Meadow in kraft was first to step up!  The tones and design are really complemented by the lamp.

Then came the Beech Leaves in kraft, Paper Meadow in charcoal, and Beech Leaves in mint.

To celebrate the launch of her wallpaper, Hannah is having a giveaway.  But hurry, it's only on until next Tuesday.  Here's the link to the details.  Good luck!

And so ends Wallpaper Wednesday.  If you're like me, you'll now be looking at all those walls in your house and imagining which of the designs would most suit!

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  1. Always the best of fun ( after the oooofing). Thanks for your photography genius Miss Mason x