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Monday, 18 August 2014

When the Moment Seizes Us

We went to see Boyhood at the weekend.  It's a remarkable film.  If you get the chance, I'd highly recommend it, it's full of life's moments.  There was a line in it that really resonated with me, and it kept popping up all weekend.  We don't seize the moment, it's the moment that seizes us.  

I was thinking about it in the shoots we did on Saturday and Sunday.  There was a time, when I started out with my photography, when I pretty much planned every image on a shoot.  Sometimes I'd draw little figures and hope that no-one would ever see those little scribbled stick people!  Then I'd get to a location and follow my little notes and figures and although I knew I had good shots, they somehow lacked something.  There are always spontaneous moments you can't plan for, those are the ones we crave, the magic shots.  We might look at a location one day, but when we go back the next, the light and the feel has completely changed.  And when those beautiful spontaneous moments and that light come together, it makes my heart sing.  It's what makes me tick as a photographer, it's pure adrenalin when I know everything is coming together.  So I'm going to keep looking and hope those moments keep seizing me.

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