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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Fun In The Snow!

I hope you are having lots of fun in the snow today before the rain comes to wash it all away.  I'm working today, but managed to get out for a spot of sledging with friends last weekend.  I'm not quite sure who had the most fun, the adults, or the children!

Here are a few photos from our little trip out.

Daniel and Hattie making their maiden voyage down the slope!

 I'm sure Kate was getting lots of inspiration from the wintry landscape for her paintings, but she also seemed quite content chucking snowballs!  

Robin really enjoyed his little sledge run

 Daisy was content creating snow creatures and then stamping on the results

Suzi chickened out of the extreme 'sledging on a plastic bag' run after watching Daniel's efforts

Hattie in full flight...

Robin took his last mouthful of snow, and we all ventured home for a big mug of hot chocolate!

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