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Monday, 11 June 2012

Training With James

A few weeks ago, I spent a very enjoyable morning with James.  His partner Jaclyn had booked a training session with me for a Christmas present.  I'm really enjoying running these sessions and my one to one with James was no exception!

After the obligitory cup of tea and a chat to start us off, we headed into Hardcastle Crags to try our hand at a few key elements.

We talked about using selective focus and depth of field.

 Photo by James

 And experimented with different perspectives and taking images from different levels.

 Photo by James

 These types of shot are the reason I always seem to have wet knees and worn out jeans!


 Shooting along things to give depth.

And experimenting with slow shutter speeds to create motion in our pictures.

Photo by James

About 30 minutes into our session, there was an amazing moment when everything clicked into place for James and I'm still smiling about it!  After the session, Jacyln sent a wonderful message to say it was the most successful Christmas present she has bought which was lovely to hear.  For me, it was so rewarding, and the perfect start to a weekend!

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  1. I know James had a fab session with you - was the amazing moment when everything clicked into place captured in one of your shots of him Sarah clicking away? Alison x